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We're working with companies that require Enterprise-level standards and certifications for software development and who go through regular audits. This includes writing software that is compliant to GDPR, CCPA, HIPPA standards, doing mandatory code reviews, using project tracking tools (Jira) and complying to well-defined SOC2 processes.

We're used to working with external Security teams, and we have a set of practices to prevent common security issues like CSRF, JavaScript / SQL injection, CORS misconfigurations, etc.

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Member Hubs

We've been maintaining and developing CMS and engagement platform powering Insight Communities by Alida. Member Hubs are engaging millions of users around the World and are relied on by customers including Twitch, HBO Max, Adobe and LinkedIn.

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Conversational Survey Platform

These conversational surveys run as a chatbot which is easily integrated with distribution channels like Slack, Discord, SMS or WeChat. Conversations collect and report on broad range of data points and are easily built via pre-configured rules in an intuitive UI builder

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The team is used to agile development (scrum, kanban) and we mostly work in 2 weeks sprints. We can work with external project/product managers, UX and devops teams. We handle the end-to-end (frontend/backend) development and testing.

Newsletter Marketing Platforms

Alida Newsletters is a newsletter composer UI with featuring a drag & drop functionality to seamlessly create and send out promotional e-mailing. It doesn't end there as the product includes an extensive dashboard with reporting statistics about the delivery. The backend is robust and able to handle 100k+ sends in a single run through different services providers.

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