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We've been maintaining and developing CMS and engagement platform powering Insight Communities by Alida. Member Hubs are engaging millions of users around the world and are relied on by customers including Twitch, HBO Max, Adobe and LinkedIn.

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Front-end Development / Back-end Development / Quality Assurance / Software Delivery / SLA Support

The Request

To fully take over software development of an existing CMS and engagement platform powering Insight Communities by Alida, a Cloud Based Enterprise software written in a combination of Go language, React and Svelte.

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The Solution

Building a self-driving team consisting of a team lead, architect, 2 front-end developers and 2 back-end developers capable of maintaining and extending the platform based on client requirements.

Product Features

  • Advanced content composer featuring RTL support
  • Content moderation powered by sentiment analysis
  • Anti-virus protection for all uploaded files
  • Facebook, LinkedIn & Instagram integration
  • Comprehensive dashboards for collected metrics
  • Newsletter and digest plug-in solutions for both transactional and promotional sends
  • SEO tools and data import/export for 3rd party systems
  • SAML SSO, OpenID / OAuth2 SSO


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Knowing the whole truth - even the parts that are hard to hear - can help companies make better decisions that drive long-term loyalty and growth.

With Alida’s simple-to-use Total Experience Management (TXM) Platform, leading brands like HBOMax, Adobe, Red Bull, and J.Crew have quickly turned their customer and employee truths into action to power incredible experiences, drive business value, and innovate with confidence.

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