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Video Feedback

AVF is a comprehensive user research platform that seamlessly integrates remote usability testing, feedback collection, and video feedback functionality. Its intuitive interface enables designers and researchers to create tasks, monitor user interactions, and gather valuable insights. With in-depth analytics, customizable templates, and a robust video feedback feature, it empowers businesses to optimize user experiences and make informed design decisions.

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Front-end Development / Back-end Development / Quality Assurance / Software Delivery / SLA Support

The Request

To build a platform capable of both transactional and promotional sends featuring a WYSIWYG UI builder that is built on top of the Alida Member Hubs platform.

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The Solution

Building a custom newsletter composer UI with a backend capable of handling large send-outs of complex and sleek looking newsletters through different e-mail service providers as well as capture the e-mail feedback loops. The system can do up to 200k+ e-mails in a single send and is, of course, scalable according to the client’s needs.

Product Features

  • Frontend: SvelteKit, React, vite, Turborepo, pnpm workspaces, TanStack Query, Express, Playwright
  • Backend: Go, PostgreSQL,
  • API contract: WebRPC
  • CI/CD: Github Actions
  • Infrastructure: Kubernetes (AWS EKS), Kibana, Grafana, Amazon Bedrock, Amazon Interactive Video Service, AWS Elemental MediaConvert, Amazon Transcribe, Amazon EventBridge, Amazon CloudWatch, AWS EKS


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Alida means truth

Knowing the whole truth - even the parts that are hard to hear - can help companies make better decisions that drive long-term loyalty and growth.

With Alida’s simple-to-use Total Experience Management (TXM) Platform, leading brands like HBOMax, Adobe, Red Bull, and J.Crew have quickly turned their customer and employee truths into action to power incredible experiences, drive business value, and innovate with confidence.

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